Two of the hottest offshore countries to outsource your call center are India and the Philippines.

Which is better?

Most people are more familiar and used to the idea of outsourcing to India because it has been a center for outsourcing work that can be handled remotely for many years.

More recently, however, The Philippines has been developed as a great spot to outsource your offshore work to.

There are at least a few reasons to choose The Phillipines as your call center or other outsourced work center.

One reason is the accent. If you have ever had the experience of speaking with a technical support representative or a call center worker in India you probably have had at least some difficulty understanding the person on the other end of the conversation.

Filipinos on the other hand tend to have a generic accent that is much easier to understand. If you have ever been on a call with someone working out of a call center in the Philippines you likely didn’t even realize it. At most you would probably detect a slight foreign accent that you might expect of an Asian person that has lived in the US for most / all of his / her life.

The second reason to move your call center to the Philippines over India is the culture.

It would seem that over all the Filipino culture is a more polite one than India’s culture.

Communications with call center employees in the Philippines are more calming typically in the first place because of their way of communicating (you must compare the 2 side by side) and when customers get irate Representatives in the Phillipines are likely to remain calm when representatives in India are less likely to do so.

We base these observations only on personal experience and of course your experience may vary but after dealing with many representatives from both countries this is what we have observed.

That being said you can find great representatives in both countires however the culture in the Philippines seems to match up much better with Western cultures than India’s.

The third reason and final reason for the scope of this article is the cost.

Both countries have similar reliability (very reliable as long as you choose the correct businesses to represent you) but the Philippines is from our observation also a bit less expensive for many tasks including Call Center representatives.

Armed with this information you can hopefully make a great choice in where you decide to outsource your call center.