We’ve done a bit of research on a few companies and want to share our findings with you on the benefits and drawbacks of a few Call Centers.

Davinci Virtual – Davinci Virtual sells packages that include live receptionists that you can have take orders and enter them through your website, provide customer service, schedule appointments, do live outbound and sales calls, they provide a toll free or local phone/fax number, and their minute usage is calculated by the second which can save a lot of money compared to other services which generally charge by the minute with partial minute usage rounded up.  If you go over your usage they will also upgrade your package to the next plan retroactively. All call center reps are located in the USA.

Live receptionist hours are 8am – 8pm EST Monday – Friday so this is not a 24 / 7 service so if you need 24/7 service you may want to combine a package  with a package from another company that provides 24 x 7 customer support.

For Davinci Virtual click here.

Answer Connect – Answer connect is a 24 / 7 / 365 answering service and provides inbound service for the base prices with US based call center reps and will do customer service, order taking, appointment scheduling, will forward calls, and most normal tasks that Davinci Virtual will but instead of calculating usage based on seconds they calculate their usage based on minutes and you must upgrade your package before you go over your minutes as Answer Connect will not upgrade you retroactively.

123 Employee – With 123 Employee you get a dedicated Filipino employee that works set hours and only works for you. If your call volume is low then this may not be the option for you. However this employee can do other things and since they are a dedicated employee perhaps you need them to do dta entry, outbound & inbound calling or any other business process you can train your dedicated team member to do it for you at a fraction of the price of having a US based employee.

The drawback here is that when your employee goes home your coverage ends and so if you want more coverage you will need to hire more employees.

One of the advantages here is that you actually are involved in the hiring process and so you interview the reps you want and hire only the person that you feel will be able to best accomplish the job.

Price can be a drawback for smaller businesses that need phone coverage and don’t have enough other tasks to outsource.

For 123 Employee click here.

Whether you choose just one or combine services we find that using a service like RingCentral can help your business small or large save money and keep the best phone coverage while providing a professional image for your company.