What Call Center will you / your organization choose to represent your business?

The list of available call centers that wants your business can seem large and the differences somewhat indistinguishable.

How will you make your choice?

Ask yourself what you need from an offshore / outsourced call center.

Do you need 24 / 7 support 365 days a year or will more normal business hours be ok for your business?

Do you just need a live person for your customers to talk to that will take messages or do you need highly trained individuals trained specifically for your business?

Do you want an employee dedicated solely to your business that you pay a set salary or would you prefer a service that answers calls for many businesses and charges a base charge for up to a certain number of minutes and anything above that charges per minute.

Evaluating your business needs will make the difference in what company you choose to handle your call center needs.

Some reputable companies you may want to consider are:

Davinci Virtual

Pat Live


Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses and which one you choose will depend largely upon the needs of your business.