Every business has it’s own unique way of doing things, it’s own software that it uses, or something peculiar to their business that requires some level of employee training.

Training your outsourced workers is crucial to the success of outsourcing your business processes.

How can you train your outsourced workers?

The best way to do this is with documentation & videos.

Do you have your processes documented?

It can be as simple as using a program like word to do a step by step description of how you handle certain tasks and adding screen shots to the document.

If you don’t have word and prefer not to pay for expensive software, a great free word processing program can be downloaded at http://www.openoffice.org

It also comes with spreadsheet capability and a great community of people that can help with support.

For video the most commonly used and very effective method is to use screen capture software.

For those with a limited budget you can get screen capture software for free called cam studio.

Another widely used and extremely full featured software is camtasia which if you have the budget for it is well worth the investment for training purposes.

The best way to train offshore workers is to use a combination of both video and written documentation. By writing out steps to go along with the video if your outsourced worker can’t remember something in the video he / she can save time by looking at your well written documentation rather than watching the whole video again.

However you choose to do your training it is a must to have some sort of documentation so that your workers will be able to easily accomplish the tasks you have provided.

A great resource for training your employees to give excellent customer service can be found here.