You want to outsource your telephone customer support services to focus on your core business and that’s a great idea.

But, are you ready?

If you’re not sure that you are ready then the following questions may help you come to the right conclusion.

1. Do you have an easy to follow script for phone support to follow?

To answer this question, you might examine your own training processes that you’ve used to train current employees.

Do they have a standard way of answering the phone that has been tested and that you know works for your business?

For instance; Company A started their business and for the first few months answered their phones one way but quickly realized that there was a better way to answer that not only made it a better experience for their customers but also made it easier for them.

Company A documented this and put it into a template to train all future employees how to answer the phone.

If this is something you’ve done then you are likely ready or on your way to be ready to outsource your call center.

2. Do I have resources to find answers when the call goes off script?

There is no way to make an exact script for every situation that may arise and really even if it was possible a better solution is to provide a central resource where customer service representatives can find answers to most of the questions raised.

Many companies online have done this through a FAQ.

Compiling a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and making it available to customers can be a great way to reduce customer confusion and thus to take the burden off your call center and it can also be a great way to provide a resource for your call center.

If you want to provide more information to your call center than the customer the solution is simple. Make a separate FAQ just for your customer support team.

Once you have considered those questions and if you feel that everything is in place you may want to consider what route you will go in choosing your call center solution.